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Release Go 1.11 Beta 3, build a Go blockchain & more - Issue #14

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Are you an advanced user? Stay ahe

The Go Gazelle

August 4 · Issue #14 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang starters. NB: The Go Gazelle has been merged into the Go Gazette (

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Are you an advanced user? Stay ahead with his Golang Ninja Newsletter.

Go Modules and CircleCI
Learn Go with TDD: Hello World!
🎉 Go 1.11 Beta 3 is released!

🗣 Announcement:

12:59 AM - 4 Aug 2018
Idiomatic Go web application structure
Time to Go! Learning Golang through examples
How to concatenate strings in Go
Setting up a server and database in Go
SRE: debugging simple memory leaks in Go
Brad Fitzpatrick
Trying to profile init-time allocs in #golang? Using this is too late:

$ go test -memprofilerate=1 [...]

By the time the test framework runs, your packages have loaded.

Do this instead:

$ GODEBUG=memprofilerate=1 go test [...]

TIL. And also reduced memory usage a bunch.
8:41 PM - 1 Aug 2018
Build a blockchain with less than 200 lines of Go
Building a network command line Interface in Go
Building GraphQL servers in Golang
Test driven development with Golang
How to prepare mysql binlog from Go
Russ did a tweetstorm about dep and vgo, but I think mischaracterizes some important details. I wanted to add my perspective.
8:26 PM - 27 Jul 2018
How to write a REST API in Go with DI
Using Go for WebAssembly applications
Mat Ryer recovering after #GopherconUK
About 90% of @gopherconuk are at THEIR FIRST GO CONFERENCE

This community is really growing fast.

10:27 AM - 3 Aug 2018
Refactoring program on Go: acceleration is 23 times
Accelerate string concatenation in Go with your own hand
Does the race detector catch all data races?
100% coverage of the code with tests in Go using sql-dumper
I have a super-power memory
How to crease Pub/Sub Websocket server using Go
Golang WebSocket - Create PubSub Server - YouTube
Using a SQLite database for local data in a Golang app
Using A SQLite Database For Local Data In A Golang Application - YouTube
And then this..
The majority of #golang devs during The Great Package Manager War of 2018
12:17 AM - 29 Jul 2018
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