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Monitors and mutexes, Go Modules with private Git repos, Gobot 1.13 & more

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build developer platform Jexia. Are you experienc

The Go Gazelle

May 24 · Issue #55 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang starters. NB: The Go Gazelle has been merged into the Go Gazette (

Hi, I’m your curator Maarten, currently using Go to build developer platform Jexia. Are you experienced in Go? Please check out ’The Go Gazette’. 

String formatting in Go
Monitors and mutexes, a (light) survey
REST API error handling in Go: behavioral type assertion
Go Modules with private Git repositories
Reading Go config files and environment variables
Simple MySQL interaction library recipe for Golang
Carlo Alberto Ferraris
I wrote some notes about a trick to minimize allocations when building #protobuf/#grpc messages in #golang:
Can't see how this can break down, but feedback is welcome.
4:50 AM - 22 May 2019
Deploying Go + React to Heroku using Docker
Making a tic-tac-toe bot with WebAssembly for Go
Start w/ source-to-image for building container images
Gos: armed Golang
Illustrated guide to SQLX
Coding with custom live templates in GoLand
JetBrains GoLand
GoLand 2019.1.2 is out! This update has bug-fixes for the issues which affected the work of Move refactoring in the previous version. See the release notes: Download from the website, update via Toolbox App, or apply as a patch on top of 2019.1.1 #golang
6:20 PM - 16 May 2019
Elasticsearch indexer for GitLab EE, written in Go
Yeoman generator for a Lambda serverless project
Been a little while since our last release, but here is v1.13.0 full of updates for @DJIGlobal #Tello @Inteliot @UPbridge_gap and more! Full changelog here: #golang #robots #drones #iot
11:44 AM - 22 May 2019
We don’t have to agree about code style
Is Go a language of the community, or not?
GopherCon Europe
Did you know 30 May is Day of the Canary Islands? The 7 islands celebrate their canary spirit and people through cultural activities, parties & local traditions (costumes, food, wine, sports & art)! 🥳 All happening the day before talks begin. Yay! #gopherconeu #golang #gophers
12:34 PM - 22 May 2019
Visual Studio code remote may change everything
I don't know how CPUs work so I simulated one in code
Chicago Go Meetup - Supercharging SpotHero Search with Go
Why we migrate to gRPC and how we Go about it - Matthias Grüter, Spotify
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