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Middleware and Go, all the videos of GopherCon 2019, emailing with Go & more

You may noticed that in this space, I already tell a year or so I'm building our FaaS platform Jexia.

The Go Gazelle

August 29 · Issue #68 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang starters. NB: The Go Gazelle has been merged into the Go Gazette (

You may noticed that in this space, I already tell a year or so I’m building our FaaS platform Jexia. Recently I wrote a piece about how we built a microservice orchestration service (with Go). You may find it useful.
In this issue I hand-picked presentations from the (finally) published video playlist of GopherCon 2019. Explore the full video playlist here. Experienced in Go? Please check out my weekly ’The Go Gazette’.

Middleware, and how it works in Go
Intro to race conditions for the Go web engineer
Building full-stack web apps with Go, Vecty and WebAssembly #go #vecty #webassembly
3:06 PM - 27 Aug 2019
Easy guide to understanding unit testing in Golang
REST and principles of designing RESTful HTTP APIs in Go
GopherCon 2019: Ian Lance Taylor -Generics in Go
Getting Go-ing
Part 2: Go testing
Using Go Interfaces for Testable Code
8:56 AM - 28 Aug 2019
Closing a Go channel written by several goroutines
Capture input with $EDITOR in a Golang CLI program
GopherCon 2019: Elena Morozova - How Uber goes
Sending emails with Golang
How to build your first web application with Go
Secured REST api for a Next.js app w/ JWT and Go
CRUD restful API with Go, JWT, Postgres & Mysql
Daniel Marti - Optimizing Go code without a blindfold
Traefik release: v2.0.0-rc1
Working with RabbitMQ in Golang
Jimmy Utterström
Did you know you can use @golang on microcontrollers? I just published an article on @ThePracticalDev showing how it can be done using the @TinyGolang compiler and an @adafruit Feather M0 board:
12:13 PM - 27 Aug 2019
Debugging Go with Delve and VSCode
Commonly used Go template functions
Rebecca Stambler - Go, pls stop breaking my editor
Tired of Stack Overflow
Go tests are run concurrently!
Go News
ANN: S2, Go data compression at GBs per second #reddit
8:37 AM - 26 Aug 2019
2 Days at GopherCon UK 2019
Program structure and composability
My story with Go, Python, and benchmarks
Oliver Stenbom - Contributing to the os Package
Ankush Chadha - building a central Go modules repository
GopherCon 2019 - Lightning Talks
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