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Integration testing in Go, using Gin or Echo, GopherCon UK videos & more


The Go Gazelle

October 3 · Issue #73 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang starters. NB: The Go Gazelle has been merged into the Go Gazette (

Integration testing in Go
The magic of Go comments
Manage Go tools via Go modules
Simple Go project layout with modules
Speeding up JSON encoding and decoding in Golang
How to configure a Golang logger (logrus) for production
Solve readers-writers problem with Go in 5 lines of code
Go: keeping a variable alive
Integrating Gin with Cabsin
An introduction to 99 percentile for programmers
The Go team is serious about artwork. This is apparently how the cloud is built.
1:05 AM - 1 Oct 2019
Building microservices using Go's Echo framework
How does the garbage collector watch applications?
Generate gRPC/Protobuf definitions to Go + Android
Doppio: a fast LRU cache on top of Ristretto
PDF doc generator w/ high level support for text, images
Go from a C# developer's perspective
Rain: 🌧 BitTorrent client and library in Go
My story with Go, Python and benchmarks
GopherCon UK
We are pleased to let you know that the videos from GopherCon UK 2019 are now available online. Missed a session, or perhaps you weren't able to attend? Catch up on what you didn't get to see here: #gopherconuk
9:01 AM - 2 Oct 2019
Stefan Baerisch - Go to Python
What is Go and why should .NET developers care?
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The Go Gazelle is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Golang startersI’m Maarten, your curator, working from the Netherlands to help building a developer platform called Jexia.
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