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Fun with concurrency in Go, error handling in Golang, go-james & more


The Go Gazelle

October 24 · Issue #75 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang starters. NB: The Go Gazelle has been merged into the Go Gazette (

Anatomy of structs in Go
Fun with concurrency in Go
Emmanuel T Odeke
A great testament to how using Go helped @segment increase their profit margin by 20% in just 90 days, titled “The $10m engineering problem”.

Read the blog to see how they massively increased their throughout and cut costs while at!

Build and bet on Go! #golang

5:57 AM - 21 Oct 2019
The Python idiom in Golang
Generators, wait groups and closures in Go
Error handling in Golang
Injecting build time variables
Matt Oswalt
♻ ICYMI: Keeping @nats_io Connections DRY in Go
12:55 AM - 18 Oct 2019
Check if two Time objects are the same point in time
Writing an Advent of Code application w/ Go plugins
Building RESTful APIs in Golang
Global constant maps and slices in Go
How to write switch statements in Go
Damian Mee
@Codecademy just launched a course covering the basics of @golang!

Go is a great language. If you want to learn to code, this might be a good start :).
3:35 PM - 22 Oct 2019
Using MVC to structure Go web applications
Applying function options to domain entities in Go
Introducing Goalpost
Announcing go-james v1.0.0
Google open-source: peripherals I/O in Go
Micro 1.12.0 is out! We're rapidly working towards a full runtime environment for microservices. And in this release we provide experimental support for a shared global service network. Come join the slack to learn more. #microservices #golang
9:44 PM - 17 Oct 2019
Fast Google Analytics API downloads with Go
Monitoring the performance of your Go application
Why a C developer should use Go?
Writing a functional testing tool in Go - Part 1
Packages in Go - 19 minutes
A comprehensive & lengthy tutorial on packages in Go with illustrations, examples and in depth explanations.
Patrick Chase
@manishrjain and @karlsmcguire crushing it on the @GoTimeFM podcast! They discuss their recent project #ristretto, caching library for Go #golang @dgraphlabs
11:32 PM - 22 Oct 2019
2D Sprites with Unicode and Go - 14 minutes
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